About us

Mission & vision

Our mission

Contribute to the region’s economic development through efficient services that perfectly integrate intermodal transportation with a view to sustainable development.

Our vision

Develop a high quality port service offering competitive and profitable, taking into consideration our partners, our clients and our communities supporting the growth of our activities.

Our challenges

The Société du Port de Valleyfield has a dual mission. On the one hand, the SPV adopts an entrepreneurial approach to ensure the development of business and the sustainability of its business and those of the companies using the port.

On the other hand, we wish to consider our societal contribution as an economic engine that generates jobs. Moreover, with the deployment of the new maritime vision of Quebec, Avantage Saint-Laurent, presented in June 2021, it is important for us to raise awareness, inform and educate the population on the issues and challenges of tomorrow.

Not only do we wish to pursue our port activities and attract investors and business partners, but we also wish to play a proactive social role with the business community and the citizens of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.