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Customized stevedoring services

For any company that wishes to use maritime transport as a mode of distribution. choosing a port is an important strategic decision. The port’s location, quality of its facilities, warehousing options, versatility, and know-how of its workforce are but a few of the criteria one should consider when making this critical decision. At the Port of Valleyfield, we can meet your specific handling requirements with our custom stevedoring services.

Desgagnés Logistik inc

Desgagnés Logistik inc has been providing stevedoring activities at the Port of Valleyfield since 1994. The company’s identity centers around three core values:

  • Making full use of natural advantages;
  • Offering services of high added value;
  • Assembling on a qualified and dedicated team of workers.
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First off, Desgagnés Logistik inc offers one of the best price/quality ratios in the maritime industry. With energy costs constantly on the rise, managing transportation costs poses a huge challenge for any industry. Faced with this constraint in their everyday realities, executives are forced to constantly optimize their warehousing and distribution choices. Doing business with Desgagnés Logistik inc gives you the best of both worlds—all the advantages of a larger port, but at a lower cost.

Desgagnés Logistik inc has built a solid reputation because of its extensive versatility and ability to offer services of the highest added value. For several years, Desgagnés Logistik inc has set itself apart by serving Quebec and Canada’s Arctic to supply Inuit communities, as well as through its customized turnkey projects.

Value-added services

Thanks to the Desgagnés Logistik inc team, the Port of Valleyfield can offer its clients high value added services, as well as customized projects for highly specific segments of the market.
Value-added services refer to activities pertaining to the storage and distribution of goods, but also to services such as bundling, assembling, crating, labelling, and packaging.

Crating and packaging centre 

Desgagnés Logistik inc has been in the packaging and crating business since its inception in 1994—which translates into years of experience. And experience matters when preparing cargo destined for hostile environments such as the subzero temperatures of the Arctic, or the near 100% humidity of the tropics. Desgagnés Logistik inc has the know-how and equipment to ensure your goods arrive at destination the way you expect them to.

Fabrication and assembly centre

This facility includes the use of two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes (combined). There is ample power, as well as 24 feet high flow-through doors.

  • Other services offered by Desgagnés Logistik inc

    Desgagnés Logistik inc offers many other services including:

    • Digital manifesting and merchandise handling system;
    • Laydown areas;
    • Cargo marshalling and consolidation;
    • Reception and inspection for land, railway and maritime transport;
    • Rigging and assembly;
    • Container stuffing, sales and rental;
    • Handling and preparation of steel parts;
    • Handling and warehousing of dry bulk;
    • Certifications: Transport Canada (International Ship and Port Security or ISPS Code) and the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers’ Association (Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program).
  • The Port of Valleyfield and the One World Trade Center

    The Port of Valleyfield was mandated to ship sections of the 408-foot spire that now crowns the summit of the One World Trade Center building in New York City.

    On November 16, 2012, at 5:30 p.m., the Witte 1407 barge departed Valleyfield for the Port of New York, carrying 9 of the 18 sections that would form the spire atop the One World Trade Center building in New York City. After three days of loading these massive parts, measuring between ten and 25 feet in length and weighing between thirteen and 55 tonnes each, were attached to the barge for the two-week journey.

    Loading of the barge was carried out by about twenty Desgagnés Logistik inc employeesThe cargo was strapped down and lifted using a crane, placed on the barge, and secured.

    Construction of the One World Trade Center tower, a 104-floor glass and steel structure, began in 2006. This imposing building replaces the twin towers that were destroyed during the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Desgagnés Logistik inc

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