Access Guidelines

Port access procedures

To ensure the safety of port activities and its users, constant surveillance is carried out in accordance with the Marine Transportation Regulations. The perimeter of the port and the terminals are fenced off and security agents conduct surveillance rounds. Our team patrols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, the surveillance camera network, which also complies with Transport Canada security regulations, enhances the security of workers and merchandise.

  • Access to the port without an access card
    • Please make an appointment with the company you wish to visit;
    • You will need to obtain all the necessary information from that company regarding the location you need to visit (company name, warehouse name, door number, contact person, etc.).
    • You will be provided with an appointment number.
  • When you arrive at the port
    • Please park your vehicle in the reserved spaces. For delivery trucks, you must park in a manner that does not obstruct other vehicles.
    • Please present valid government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, health insurance card, passport); a coupon with a “PIN” access code will be provided. Anyone driving a vehicle must present a valid driver’s license with the appropriate class for the vehicle. Passengers may present a driver’s license, health insurance card or passport.
    • Return to your vehicle and drive the keypad located in the entrance lane of gate #2. You can enter the PIN code that was given to you.
    • The gate will open.

    If you visit the port on a regular basis and would like to obtain an access card, you can visit the Access Card Requests page and fill out the form provided and submit it with a photo.