The Port

Technical details

A prominent place in the industry

The Port of Valleyfield sees an annual marine traffic of approximately 120 vessels come to the Port of Valleyfield over nine months of navigation. With an experienced and reliable stevedoring service and 11 warehouses offering a total of 22,500 square meters of storage space, the Port of Valleyfield maintains a prominent position in the industry.

Desgagnés Logistik Valport inc

Our facilities are as follows:

  • 8 berths covering 1,106 meters, including one berth dedicated to liquid bulk, and four berths for loading/unloading general cargo;
  • 140,000 square meters of paved area for handling bulk and breakbulk cargo;
  • 32 liquid bulk storage tanks (total capacity of 50,000 cubic meters)
  • A complete fleet of wheel loaders, forklifts and flatbed trucks as well as a dockside crane (125-ton capacity).

Why choose us? Because we work hard to offer you a personalized service using the cutting-edge technology.

Competitive advantages

  • Mooring without tugs;
  • Transshipment with access to rail and road transport;
  • Horizontal loading ramp (Roll-on/Roll-off);
  • Grouping, assembly, packing and crating;
  • Weighing station for heavy trucks;
  • Guardhouse (24/7 security and cameras);
  • Office space rental;
  • Certifications: Transport Canada (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and Green Marine (environment).

Perron Industrial and Harbour Park – Valleyfield Industrial port zone

In addition to its direct access to Highway 30 and the railroad tracks, this industrial zone is home to some one hundred businesses and development opportunities.

  • Large volume of high quality raw water available for industrial use;
  • Energy resources: hydroelectricity and natural gas;
  • Spaces available for lease or acquisition.